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Asset Marketing Services, LLC is a leading multi-channel direct marketer of high-value collectible coins and proprietary branded jewelry and watches. The Company's reputation coupled with its employees' extensive industry knowledge provides AMS customers with the most unique and highest quality coin selection in the world as well as exceptional watch and jewelry products.

GovMint... Your best source of rare, unique and collectible coins. Find more than 1,500 coins from nations across the world and from across the centuries! GovMint.com
First Federal Coin Corp... Offering the world's finest gold and silver coins. First Federal is the official distributor for many of the world's most prestigious mints. First Federal Coin
New York Mint... Sells highly-rated specialty coins from mints across the world and rare coins from various nations and historic periods. New York Mint
Stauer... At Stauer the focus is "luxury for less." Offering a wide array of exclusive jewelry, watches and related consumer lifestyle products. Stauer



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